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Postby Bishop540 » Wed Aug 16, 2017 9:37 pm

Anyone know if R2C is going out of business? I have been trying to get a base/lid replaced for months, almost a couple years. Mr Ed use to work there and was a great guy to talk to, with a wealth of knowledge about air filtration. But now it seems the service has gone down the drain. I have called 5 times in the last several weeks to get a tracking number (that they were suppose to email to me) and I always get some kind of weird run-around or empty promise. I got a tracking number today that started with "K10" and I told him I didn't recognize that but he said it was UPS. Hmmm..

They have a great drop base air cleaner for my Dominator but the plastic they use keeps melting with this Texas heat and my BBC, black car, etc.... They claim they have started to use a different material that holds up to more heat (TR-55, I think) -but have yet to deliver. It sucks, since I willing dished out good money for one of their air cleaners......anyway, "does anyone know if R2C is closing shop"? Thanks!

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