What Do You Like Or Dislike About Windowz 10?


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Re: What Do You Like Or Dislike About Windowz 10?

Post by Ken0069 » Fri Aug 18, 2017 3:58 pm

exhaustgases wrote:
Ken0069 wrote:Did anyone else notice that last week Micro$oft released 1.3GB of updates for Windows 10 Pro? One cumulative update (kb4025339) alone was 1.2GB??? And this isn't a rare occurrence either and is like that about EVERY MONTH!!??

THAT IS THE MAIN THING I DO NOT LIKE ABOUT WINDOWS 10!!! And God help you if you are trying to do something else when it starts that download??? WTF were those people thinking when they design shit to work like this?? :roll:

Like I said, I turn automatic updates OFF until I decide to do them and even then I usually download the really large cumulative update for offline install version and then I manually install it on each of our 4 systems! This effectively cuts my Windowz update bandwidth usage by 75%.

FYI, there is suppose to be a way to have one version of Windows 10 update/upgrade the rest of the Windows 10 computers on your home network. What it does is when one system updates it transfers those files to others that need the same updates and that will also cut the update usage since the updates are only downloaded one time even if you have 4 systems like we do. If/when I ever get around to setting that up, I'll post the results here.
And how do you know its updates and not a complete down load from your PC ?
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Re: What Do You Like Or Dislike About Windowz 10?

Post by exhaustgases » Sat Aug 19, 2017 5:14 pm

I thought you remembered hearing about the snooping into peoples PC's, it was also a wiki leaks deal too. No more conspiracy theories this day and age its all facts finally coming out and in your face.

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