Are you an old timer.


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Re: Are you an old timer.

Postby pdq67 » Sun Jul 09, 2017 1:58 am

If not mistaken, IL didn't have any speed limits, pre-1955 or so.

Dad drove the Big Packard, "straight-8", wide open when going between towns.

And out in the country, several of the county highways were made with one lane concrete, the other gravel.

So if you were on the gravel, but driving on the concrete when you met a car, you had to slow down and pull over on the gravel to let him by.

We took a vacation down to TX on e summer in the big Packard and Mom wanted to see what the state looked like. but Dad drove all night wide open going from San Antonio, TX to Memphis, TN. I never saw Mom get so mad at Dad because she never saw any of TX, what, driving at night..

My older sister and I slept most of the night in the rear foot wells as Dad poured the coal to the car!


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