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SN95 mustangs and street prep shenanigans

Posted: Sat Jan 14, 2017 5:59 pm
by phantomfab
hey there folks, trying to drag race a sn95 here and wanting to know what y'all would recommend for suspension changes. Car is currently stock suspension GT, with a turd mod motor in it. It's a stick car for those wondering. I was thinking of going with soft rear springs and softer front shocks on extention an firmer compression to keep it on the rear tires after launch. But for cheap at the moment would v6 front struts and rear springs help any? How big of a difference does stiffening the car help?(frame connectors etc) I do know a little on suspension geometry but more for forward bite and how to turn when letting off throttle, lol (circle track, full body cars, and modifieds). Would lightening the front of the car help transition the weight with such things as skinny's or something of the same extent.

Also, what tires if there are any favorites that y'all would recommend as for radials or slicks. Also, would you recommend just saying screw the slick until it is needed, or could i get away with the suspension being off more because the tire will compensate? I have 15 and 17 in wheels and thinking of running the 15 with a slick and going with that since it'll give me better side wall deflection. What's a good size slick for a stock sn95 without worrying about rubbing on everything? Since, I have run and still run circle track on dirt. Have any of you had with successful results with dirt track tires. I had a friend try a 970 hoosier on a LS swapped v6 sn95 with good results as long as he got it pretty hot but said the tire was hard to pedal the car and recover. That car made around 405 whp. This car is probs more like 265-300 range.

Another thing is, are there any home ground street prep formulas y'all have run successfully. I'm currently about to try karo syrup and isopropyl. Perhaps try some MEK in there. Or does anyone know if dr syrup work better, I'm pretty sure i could get some pretty easy.

Any help will be appreciated in advance thank you. And sorry i have so many questions on one thread, this may get messy, sorry.