3.8 buick V6 misfire.

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Re: 3.8 buick V6 misfire.

Post by rfoll » Tue Jul 17, 2018 1:23 pm

I pulled the engine and did a teardown yesterday. The engine had been rebuilt by a professional shop, it has the little telltale heat slugs on both the engine block and heads. The exhaust valves have been pounded deep into the seats, no margin left at all, about 0.220" wide seats. The block is .060 over, and the pistons sit .080 in the hole. Add a .040" head gasket and it starts looking like someone's nightmare. Its amazing how well it ran when up to temperature. The good news is the Turbo 350 transmission is a dual bolt pattern. I won't need to build a transmission to swap in my SBC engine of choice. Thanks to all who replied, Rick.
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