Dodge 5.9 stroker 408 ! EQ iron heads,,,,,,,

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Dodge 5.9 stroker 408 ! EQ iron heads,,,,,,,

Post by gregsdart » Sat Oct 21, 2017 4:22 pm

I copied this from another forum I posted it to, thought some folks over here might like the info! Credit for this combination of parts goes to Brian at Indio Motor Machine. He has built motors with this and similar combos with great success. I can say I am VERY happy with the end results. Thanks, Brian!
If you have spotted posts by me on valve train, compression, etc, it all led up to this build. I started with a boneyard Magnum 5.9, figuring I would put a cam and valve springs in it and a carb and call it good. Well, upon tearing it down I found just enough bore wear at the very top of ring travel to convince me to bore and hone it. Then after looking over the cost of having it all cleaned , inspected, rods rebuilt, balanced, etc I figured, it is close enough, just go stroker kit! So, a Scat kit was ordered on May 12th and should be here soon. The block is in the machine shop, along with a pair of EQ heads which are getting liners, and 2.02 intake valves plus a bowl port. Brian at IMM is assembling a care package of cam, valvetrain, carb, intake, and a number of other items to finish this deal up. After getting brain freeze trying to figure out what to use for a cam and valvetrain, I opted to go to someone that I know will steer me right, and I am confident the motor will make somewhere near 470 to 490 hp like Brian figures it should.
As long as I do a good job of assembling it and dialing it in, I am sure it will. I plan to have it dynode here in Minnesota, so the numbers may vary, but should be close.
Lots of parts showed up today!
My combination is a Quick fuel 850 on top of an rpm air gap intake, EQ heads with 2.02 intake valves bowl blended, 10.1 compression with a final deck height of 9.577, .045 Victor head gaskets. I had the high side of the dished 20.5cc piston shaved .005 to get the quench up to .040
The cam is a Comp 20-601-9, with .348 intake lobes, .339 ex lobes, 235/245/107 duration numbers, and 1.6 ratio steel sbc rockers. I ordered all these parts from Brian at IMM.
The Dart this motor will power. 3.55 gears, auto, 3600 stall.
I was very pleased to see 504 hp, and great midrange torque. It ought to be even stronger than the dyno sheet shows, as I couldn't test with the stepped TTI headers I will use that have shown about a seven hp advantage on Brians dyno at IMM. I don't want to put a roll bar in this car, but would like to race it a few times. I would hope I can come up with a combo of shift points etc that will get me 11.50s at a hard charging 120 mph!
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