383 stroker engine build advice

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Re: 383 stroker engine build advice

Post by levisnteeshirt » Sat Dec 08, 2018 10:03 am

I have a set of srp dished pistons I'll sell ya for 200 , 4.030 5.85 rod 3.875 stroke. , turbo went on the Dyno , motor was disassembled and never put back ,, don't get hung up on a dual turbo set up , saw a single 406 do 990 hp on pump gas and 1500 on race gas ,,

Do you really know what you will be dealing with once your done ? That is a serious amount of engine. The 406 I spoke of went in a show car and the guy didn't use a strong enough throttle return spring , his shop was beside a new car dealership ,, they found him unconscious with his car sitting on top of 2 new cars with 5 total having damage , ,, everything behind your engine including you is going to have to be top knotch

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Re: 383 stroker engine build advice

Post by Newold1 » Sat Dec 08, 2018 10:47 am

Sir, for a lot here on Speedtalk you are beating a dead horse resurrecting an over discussed 383 stroker build type with a 5 year old+ thread. Just do a search here on Speedtalk headed up "383" and you will bring up enough good information and other not so good opinions to keep you reading and learning for days!

Second suggestion, study, learn then decide before you buy parts !! :wink:
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Re: 383 stroker engine build advice

Post by TMSJoe » Sat Dec 08, 2018 6:51 pm

Zenon wrote:
Wed Dec 05, 2018 3:53 am
Sorry to bring up a dead topic but I am having an issue.

Im currently building a 383 and not being a motor guy i was just hoping to get some input from everyone.

Heres what ive got: 1969 2dr nova turbo350 (art carr built) stock 10 bolt

engine: 350 4 bolt main 1 piece rear main seal block bored 30 over and micro honedclearenced for 400 crank,durabond cam bearings, eagle crank, clevite 77 rod and main bearings, gm o-rods (resized), hyperuetectic kieth black flat top pistons with 2 valve reliefs, speed pro file to fit rings, pioneer high tsi rod nuts, melling high volume oil pump, stock balancer.

Top end: Edelbrock 5087 alum. Heads as follows-2.08 intake,1.60 exhaust valves, 64cc comb chamber,210cc intake runner,62cc exhaust runner. Cam-speed pro #cs-179r or "l79 cam" specs- .050 dur int.222 ex.222, sae duration int.290 ex.290, cam lift int.298ex.298, valve lift int.447 ex.447, lobe centerline 110 int 118 ex 1:5 ratio roller rockers edelbrock victor jr intake 1 5/8 headers, im thinking a 850 holley?

Like i said im not a motor guy so if anybody sees a problem with this combo please let me know! Any one know what the specs would be? Like comp ratio, hp, torque etc? I need some input!!
What is the hold up? Slap that thing together. I would gap the rings wide for the KB pistons. They hold heat. The carb is big but I have always liked the 850. If you own it anyway, go for it. Nothing I see is way off. The heads are big-ish but the cam should calm things down. 383+stock rod (short) should blend it together well.

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