Head selection on supercharged BBC

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Head selection on supercharged BBC

Post by blue66 » Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:27 pm

Here's a quick rundown on the build.....If this thing were running N/A I'd take the smaller head in a hearbeat, but supercharging throws a curveball at me here.......

Paxton Novi 2000 supercharger (1400cfm capable 900hp).....Blow thru 750.
1990 454ss full size truck......(pretty heavy) 4100# or so.
Maybe at most a 3000-3500 converter and 3.73 gears
Which head would you prefer?
Looking at the new AFR 265 ovals, or the AFR 305's, OR???
I am unsure if the supercharger will make up for the low end loss on the bigger head and let us generate even more power up top?
Or if we should stick with the small head as I would if it were normally aspirated.
This will be a street hyd roller, and no plans to turn much harder than 6000. I want to keep it very streeet friendly, and produce 800-900hp.
I have gotten answers from people all over the place....from ovals to 345's or bigger, LOL.
I run a 305cc AFR on my N/A 496. Seems to work pretty fair.
Sooo. Do you pick a head for a supercharged engine differently than you do for a N/A engine, if so what are the considerations and reasoning behind one way or the other?

Thanks for your opinons!
66 Chevelle SS
496, 10.5:1 Pump gas, no dominator, no spool, no electric fuel pump, no electric water pump, no big tires, full interior...............Just a street car.

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