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Dave Morgan Drag Chassis
5 DVD Seminar Pack

Dave Morgan Doorslammer DVDs

Contents: (5) DVDs

Dave Morgan is a professor at the University of North Western Ohio, the author of the highly successful "Door Slammers Chassis Book", the former Tech Editor at NHRA's "National Dragster" and currently is the Tech Editor at IHRA's "Drag Review." Dave also travels the country giving drag racing chassis seminars.

For the first time you can watch one of his seminars from the comfort of your home...

Dave Morgan 5 DVD Seminar Pack
Author - Dave Morgan
Contents - (5) DVDs

Price - $170

DVD #1

Drag Racing Tech

  • Suspension Violence
  • Tire Design
  • Transmission Sciences
  • Chassis Designs

Inspecting the Car

  • Rear Slick
    • Indexed wheel screws
    • Tread wear patterns
  • Bouncing on Corners of the Car
    • Spring Rates
    • Bind
    • Listen to car
  • How to Diagnose Flex

DVD #2

Chassis Structure

  • Floor and Frame Rails
  • Cage Design
  • Differential Housing

DVD #3


  • Storing Energy in a Spring
  • Sprung and Un-Sprung Weight
  • Leverage Ratios and Motion Ratios

DVD #4


  • How a Shock Works
    • Twin-tube Shocks
    • Mono-tube Shocks
  • Differences in Shock Graphs
  • Shock Hardware

DVD #5

Ladder Bar and Fourlinks

  • Instant Centers
  • Drawing a Map


"Dave Morgan is years ahead of his time because he's so willing to help racers with their suspension problems. I honestly believe that he is the best at what he does."
Gary Reese, Chassis Builder
Sheffield Lake, Ohio

"Before I went to Dave's seminar, I was afraid to even touch my ladder bar rear suspension. Since then, I have gone through the car and picked up two-tenths in the quarter, improved my 60-foot times and my reaction times are killer. I am no longer afraid to tune on my suspension and I'm bringing home a lot more round money."
John Wooley
Reynolds, Ga.

"I had a pretty violent Altered that I ran at Beaver Springs Dragway. Not only did Dave show me how to calm the car down and go straight, I learned a ton about fourlinks. After that, I was voted 'Most Improved Driver' at Beaver Springs."
Scott Richenbach
Lebanon, Pa.

"I had a pretty unique combination and I think going to Dave's seminar shortened the time it took to sort out the car. He has a unique ability to draw pictures in your mind, and then make them move. I think he's the best teacher in drag racing."
Tony Melvedt
Concord, NC


Dave Morgan owned some extensive motorsports credentials before joining the drag racing industry.

In college, he started auto-crossing sports cars then began his wheel to wheel racing experience in go-karts, eventually graduating to formula Fords in the mid-seventies. After working for a while as General Manager of ARE, a dry sump manufacturer in Sacramento. Morgan started his own traveling seminar company, Morgan Motorsports Network.

Northern California TV viewers may recognize Morgans familiar face since it was at this time when he also worked with KXTV in Sacramento as their motorsports reporter and had his own auto-shop series on PM Magazine.

Aiston Industries introduced Dave to the world of drag racing when he was hired to organize their sales program and start the successful 'Tech Tour' that made chassis seminars so popular in the early eighties. In 1982 he was chosen as a 'Hi Riser' by Car Craft Magazine. After three national seminar tours, Morgan moved to Baltimore to work for ATI Transmissions where he complimented his chassis tuning experience with knowledge about torque and its relationship to suspension work.

The desire to return to the chassis industry was rekindled when he was offered a position at Zeeker Performance in Hicksville, Ohio. As the General Manager there, Morgan sponsored drag racings first ever

chassis pad at Norwalk Race Park and also began his early career as a writer by supplying tech stories for National Dragster, Drag Review, Super Stock and United Racer.

These days, Morgan makes his living as a free-lance writer and lives on his horse ranch in West Virginia where the states central location makes it easy for him to reach east coast and mid-west race tracks.

Dave Morgan Doorslammer DVDs

Dave Morgan 5 DVD Seminar Pack
Author - Dave Morgan
Contents - (5) DVDs

Price - $170 (c) All Rights Reserved