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060 Tami Eggleston New
059 Jim McFarland New
058 Patrick Hale The Power Process
057 Bill Catania Sponsorship University
056 Stever Morris Maximum Effort Engines
055 Greg West Gasket and Sealing Tech
054 Joe Sherman How To Win the Engine Masters
  Larry McReynolds Winning
053 Larry Widmer Induction Dynamics
052 T.W. Theodore Female Racers: Get Started, Get Sponsored
052-2 Kelly Sutton Racer Profile: Kelly Sutton
051 Charlie Hayes Sponsorship Solutions
050 Robert Villegas Sponsorship Insights
049 Steve Wright Sponsorship Tips from a Hired Gun
049-2 John Kitovitsu Quickest Way To Sponsorship
048 Andy Bozell Short Track Success
047 Bryan Herter LT1 & LS1 Tuning
046 Kirk Millner Picking the Right Camshaft
045 Bill Maropulos Building the Unlimited Engine
044 Mike Chapman Charge Motion Porting
043 Patrick Cohn Young Driver Coaching
042 Dave Morgan The Drag Chassis Professor
041 Phil Martin Nascar Head & Intake Porting
040 Cindy Crawford Drag Racing Basics
039 Steve Bown Valve Spring Science
038 Dennis Marshall Pushrod Tech
037 Randy Becker Rocker Arm Report
036 Jim Beattie Torque Converter Talk
035 Barry Grant Carburetor Tuning
034 Faron Lubbers Drag Tire Tips
033 JE Pistons Piston Tech
033-2 JE Pistons Piston Tech - Part 2
032 French Grimes In Tune
032-2 French Grimes In Tune - Part 2
031 Clay Millican You Gotta Have The "Want To"
030 Robert Loftis Cranks & Rod
030-2 Dan Wheeler Cryogenics
029 Jay Wagner Obtaining Out of Town Sponsorship
028 Trish Yunick Brown Lessons from Smokey
027 Jim McFarland Intake Manifold Science
027-2 Jim McFarland Intake Manifold Science - Part 2
026 John Calvert Stock Chassis Drag Tips
025 Brad Morgan Bottom End Performance
024 Todd Burks Bracket Racing Success
023 John Dodson Building Your Job Skills
023-2 J.D. Burton Getting Your Foot in the Door
022 Peter Hill Manufacturing Air Flow
022-2 Tom Kolimatsis Visual Porting
021 Darin Morgan Porting by The Numbers
020 Harold Bettes Flow Theory
020-2 Harold Bettes Flow Theory - Part 2
019 Calinoff & Hedy Driving Career Tips
018 Joe Mondello Porting Professor
018-2 Joe Mondello Porting Professor - Part 2
017 Rick Miller Boundary Layer Airflow Mods
017-2 Audie Thomas Airflow and Cam Testing
016 Don Garlits On the Road with Big Daddy
016-2 Peter Lehman A Businessman's Way to Sponsorship
015 Terry Dyson Oil Analysis
015-2 Terry Dyson Oil Analysis - Part 2
014 Aaron Polburn Drag Race Marketing
013 Michael Leone Street Stock Chassis Tips
012 Jere Stahl Power by Stahl
011 Brian Graham Marketing Your Team
011-2 Jim Switzer Creative Team Funding
010 Kinnett Family Raising a Winner
009 Mark Lelchook Header Technology
008 Ron Melville Confessions of a Head Porter
007 Andrew Waite On the Hunt
006 Robert Prevost Driving Career Tips
005 Michael Morris What Sponsors Want
005-2 Nina Murphy Get & Keep Sponsors
004 Milt Gedo Racing for a Living
003 Phil Veldheer The Sponsorship Coach
002 Tami Eggleston Desire, Flow and Concentration
001 Steve Post Using the Media to Get Sponsors (c) All Rights Reserved