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The Little Lady's LT-1

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Beverly has caught the racing bug big time. I never thought I'd get her behind the wheel, but after watching me race a half a dozen times in '04, she's now ready to give it a try.

First we needed to decide what she was going to drive. I brought up a few other options, but she was always drawn to the Gen4 GM F-bodies (Camaro/Firbird) - she preferred the Pontiacs.

That left us a tough choice between the '93-'97 LT1 or the '98-'02 LS1. We wanted the LS1 engine, but our budget looked out of line with what these cars were going for.

The last move was to find the best car for the buck. I really wanted a modded car - leaving less work for me to do, but Bev wanted a nice car that she could drive a lot. The first car we test drove was modded and a real piece of junk. That quickly changed my mind and we started looking for a bone stocker.

Like I said, the first one we drove had been beatin' to crap by a Doctors' son. The second one was nice, but the owner was dreaming on his asking price - we decided to pass on both.

Sat. and Sun. we were going to look at 6 cars, but I had one on my list that showed potential - Bev didn't want to drive all over today, so we settle on just one. It was listed as a 1996 Pontiac Formula LT1 at Auto-RV.com. What pulled me to this one? It was red, making a nice matchup with the red '69. Next and most importantly, it ran nice, didn't need much work and the sellers Jerry Halon and his son Adam were super nice people to deal with.

On to the project:

This project will include two firsts, it will be the first time down the track for both Beverly and the car. Here's how this project starts out:

  • Make, Model & Year: 1996 Pontiac Formula
  • Engine: Bone Stock LT1
  • Transmission: Stock 4L60E and Converter
  • Read End: 2.73 gears
  • Best ET: Never raced (Can't believe it Adam)

Here's the plan: We only have a few weeks left before the tracks close, so not much room for installing mods. We're going to get her out and see what she can do in stock form - Adam's Guess: low 14 - My Guess: Mid/High 14. We'll see.

Plan for next season: We'd like to go mid to low 13s. I'd like it to go faster, but I promised myself, I'd take it easy on the driver. The last thing I want is for Bev to get scared and decide to never do it again. This is a multi year plan to get Bev and the car up to speed. We'd like to eventually see the car go mid 12s.


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Beverly along with sellers Adam and Jerry Halon