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Beverly & Formula Debut

Beverly: Well finally I made my first run. I wasn't too nervous since everyone made it really easy on me. The first time in, I was trying to remember everything Don had told me. I was trying to turn on that ONE bulb but turned on both at the same time. That would have been ok since no one was in the other lane. However, I am not used to driving with both feet as my Dad used to say is "driving like a woman" which meant don't do it. So when the tree began it's decent to green, I switched my foot from the brake to the gas and rolled out to a red light which hurt my concentration. But then I was full throttle and had no trouble finding the finish line which was another fear I had.

Next time up, all was well. I still turned both bulbs on at the same time which my husband says is ok but the courteous thing to do is turn on the first and wait for the other lane. That pass felt better and quite smooth. I was getting good at this!! Although, I drove around the water box and as of yet haven't mastered the task of cleaning my tires.

We had to wait between passes for the car to cool down and for the track to get cleaned. But that was good because it gave us a chance to talk about what I would do next time. The last pass was the best. I staged correctly for the first time! I ran a 14.35 at 97.19. It just felt great!

Then we were ready to go since they were getting ready to race. We felt like it was a great day at the track. For my first outing we had beautiful weather and everything went better than expected! I can't wait for spring!!!!

Don: Well, former owner Adam predicted low 14s and he was right. It didn't feel that fast to me - I thought mid to high 14s.

Now for the mechanical observations:

  • Car weighs 3700# with Beverly driving - I thought these cars were supposed to be lighter.
  • Runs a fuzz hot if you round robbin - got to 230+
  • The lower the coolant temp, the lower the ETs - no kidding. I see we're going to have to work on consistency. The car moves way too much with temp change.
  • Stock radial tires suck - even with over a 2 second 60 foot time the car would still spin the tires a turn or two.
  • Car needs more gear - it goes into third just before the finish line
  • Transmission hangs before shift. I don't know why so many cars do this. Attention Engineers: The transmission should shift before the acceleration goes to zero, way before. I believe the car would go 13s if it just shifted sooner.

Mods being considered for next season:

  • 3.73 gears
  • Looser Torque Converter
  • Ported Heads
  • New Camshaft
  • Complete engine rebuild - maybe 383"
  • New exhaust system - Long tube headers, etc

Goal: 12s?


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