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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Demon

Don Terrill Tuning Carburetor

Don: "In it's current configuration this is the most consistent car I've ever driven." What did we change? We installed a 1000 CFM Race Demon from Barry Grant Inc. and the Camaro has been a whole new animal ever since.

Last week we had the Camaro out with the new Demon and were testing different jetting and reading spark plugs. This week we planned on testing lash and ignition timing. As you'll see below, the car is now so consistent that it can easily detect a .02 change in performance - loosening lash cost us the two hundredths.

We had high expectations for this carburetor, but were still blown away by the results. The only way you'd get this carburetor from us is to pry it from our cold dead hands.

The Runs:

  • Don Terrill11.250 - Off the trailer warm up pass
  • 11.259 - Baseline pass
  • 11.273 - Loosen lash .004
  • 11.279 - Backup pass
  • 11.276 - Add 1° of timing
  • 11.269 - Change timing back to initial setting - came out of the staging lanes 15° cooler than earlier runs, probably would have gone another .27 had we warmed it up.


  • Our Demon carburetor is deadly consistent
  • The 468" likes tighter lash
  • The ignition timing is right on the money

Things we love about our Demon:

Easy adjustability of the primary throttle open position.
Easy adjustability of the secondary throttle closed position.
Billet metering blocks, billet baseplate, helicoiled main body and large float level sight plugs.

Contact Info:

Barry Grant Inc
1450 McDonald Road
Dahlonega, Georgia 30533
Phone: (706) 864-8544
Fax: (706) 864-2206


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